Culinary Herbs

herbpotsDo you pronounce it “Herb” or “erb”? It really doesn’t matter because in North Central Texas growing herbs in your garden or in pots is an easy goal for any gardener. Herbs love heat and sun! If you can grow weeds, you can grow herbs. (And by the way, both pronunciations are correct.)

Herbs can be grown in flower beds, as borders, or in containers. Some herbs are annuals, while others are biennials or perennials. Care for the herb garden is similar to a vegetable or flower garden. Select a sunny, well-drained location. Apply a balanced fertilizer but avoid excessive use of nitrogen fertilizers. Water as necessary during dry periods. Generally about 1 inch of water is needed per week, if not supplied by natural rainfall. Mulching will help conserve soil moisture and reduce weed growth. Your herb garden needs to be in a place that gets at least six hours of sunlight a day.

It is such a joy to grow herbs – but it is also important to use them in cooking healthy and flavorful dishes. This new “Click and Learn” on-line class has been developed for you on culinary herbs. Information on growing herbs; to harvesting; to using them in cooking is provided in the “Click and Learn” class. An added bonus is the many delicious, tested recipes that are included for you to enjoy.

First you will want to select which varieties of culinary herbs you will want to grow, and how they are used in recipes. A list of 13 of the most favorite herbs is provided for you. This selection is easy to grow in our North Central Texas area. Photographs of the herbs are also included in the PDF publication Favorite Culinary Herbs

Next you will want to learn all about how to successfully plan your garden, plant the herbs and grow them successfully. Check out this PDF information packet on Growing Culinary Herbs

Your herbs are growing and you now are ready to start harvesting and reaping the benefits of adding these delicious favors to your recipes. The next PDF publication teaches you how to harvest, preserve and store your different herbs so you can enjoy them year round.  Using Culinary Herbs

Many gardeners are faced with a bountiful harvest of culinary herbs, but don’t know how to use them in cooking. This recipe book has been tested and shared with our Master Gardeners. A wide variety of dishes from appetizers to main dishes to salads to desserts are provided in Delicious Herb Recipes

We hope you enjoy this method of educational outreach. Check back to rockmga for future Click and Learn topics.