Discovery Garden Information

The Discovery Garden was created by the Rockwall County Master Gardener Association and demonstrates some of the latest research concerning recommended plant varieties for this area. The 1/3 acre project is comprised of numerous small ornamental and vegetable beds. Structure, texture, pattern, color, and balance are repeated throughout the gardens.

Here you will see how the perennials, annuals and shrubs have adapted in a low maintenance, unhampered garden. It demonstrates the resilience of plants as well as the understanding that they are doing what they were created to do—provide beauty without a lot of maintenance from mankind.

The beds at the Discovery Garden are prepped before planting and then mulch is applied in the spring and fall. Each garden has established plantings and a few new ones. Our intent is that you will see plants that perform well in our area with water constraints, high winds, and a wide variety of temperatures. Some plants have not responded well, and we would like for you to make note of these.

Water harvesting tanks and vertical room divisions were added in 2009. This assists in helping homeowners visualize various concepts for their own respective gardens.

The Discovery Garden is opened to the public several times a year during Rockwall County Master Gardener community events. Join our newsletter to stay up to date on events throughout the year.

Call the Rockwall County Extension Office for details at 972.204.7660.