The Basics

This section of ROCKMGA will provide new residents to Texas and new gardeners the basic information needed to get started on landscaping and flower beds.

To get your started, here is a way to remember basic Plant Care:

P     Place plants properly – in good soil and with room to grow.

L     Look for problems frequently – pests will appear suddenly.

A     Apply water judiciously – know the soil capacity and the plant needs.

N     Nourish plants appropriately – in early spring, or after blooming.

T     Trim plants regularly – don’t ignore them as they grow.

C     Control pests naturally – with beneficial insects, biologicals, barriers and traps.

A     Anticipate hazards seasonally – cover to prevent freezing, mulch to conserve water.

R      Reduce risks initially – buy plant varieties that have disease and insect resistance.

E     Evaluate efforts annually – if it won’t do what you bought it to do, then go to something else.

Aphids on a butterfly weed.

Aphids on a butterfly weed.