Rose Rosette

rose-rosette-diseaseYes, Rose Rosette is the rose disease that is taking center stage right now. Land Grant Universities and Extension Services across the nation are trying to discover some cure for it. Currently there is none that show enough promise across the spectrum to offer to the public. The current recommendations are to wrap the bush with plastic (bag) and remove the bush once it has the disease. You can replace the rose, and the replacement may never get it. There is a mite that transfers the disease from plant to plant. Because it is microscopic, the mite can travel on the wind.
The challenge in many situations is that retail parks have absentee property owners who may or may not care enough to do something about it. From a commercial point, the money to remove and replace may not be worth the time until plants are dead. Also two plants beside each other may both have it or just one. Realizing this makes it a greater challenge. Research is also being conducted across the state to see which rose cultivars and varieties are susceptible to the disease and which are tolerant or resistant. To date we are still in the collection stage so nothing is being offered as data changes daily.
We may have to look at roses as the perennials they are, and let homeowners know that the life expectancy is variable depending on the susceptibility to rosette disease. From observations, roses that tend to be in a protected area are provided some avoidance of the disease. When roses are crowded together as in medians, it tends to heighten the possibilities of the disease spreading quickly.

For your information, a PDF on Rose Rosette is available to download in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What Is Rose Rosette Disease