Janie Marigolds

Janie Marigolds

Annuals are plants that just last one season.   So why buy annuals when perennials and shrubs live so much longer?

  • Annuals are more colorful.
  • Annuals are less expensive.
  • Annuals are fun!
  • Summer and winter annuals will bloom for five or six months.



A very informative handout by Dr. Steve George, Extension Landscape Specialist, is available for you as a PDF to download:

Annuals in the Garden

You will also want to check out the Annuals Photo Gallery for a Master Gardener’s list of favorites!

And the next time you are in Rockwall, go by the Annual Trials Test Beds that are located between the County Library and the new Courthouse on Yellowjacket Lane.  The trial beds are a project of the Rockwall County Master Gardeners.