Monarch Migration

Monarch Butterfly – The International Traveler

monarch-butterflyThe monarch butterfly is probably one of the most well-known of all butterflies. The incredible migration in the fall from Canada and the northern parts of the United States to a dozen or so locations in the Oyamel fir forests of the Sierra Madre in Mexico is one of nature’s most amazing phenomena.

Monarchs by the millions spend the winter at these overwintering locations until temperatures begin to warm in late February. At this time they begin to leave their overwintering sites to make the return trip northward where they begin the task of repopulation in North America.

Females seek out milkweed, the host plant on which they will lay their eggs. Monarchs usually arrive in the North Texas area from the overwintering sites in the second or third week of March, so be sure to watch for them!

With over 170 species of butterflies recorded for the North Texas area, there is no shortage of fascinating facts to learn.

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